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Ahoj, jsem také šťastným majitelem starších SUMMIT X a jsou skvělí. Cena byla 6150, -Euro a hraji je na zesilovač ACCUPHASE A50V a předzesilovač DENAFRIPS ATHENA. napájecí kabely jsou kabely reproduktorů VOVOX TEXTURA a NORDOST TYR. Zatím velká spokojenost.
Hi Angie,

I have a post sitting on a forum that has been blocked for two days waiting for the moderator to approve it. Is that normal?

I have three Triangle, fiberglass filled units for room treatment....I spray painted one orange as U can see..I am in Ocala Fl and you can pick them up at my house or they can be shipped. I cannot upload the pic, as this site demands a URL only...U can email me at : [email protected] and I can send you the pics...given the difficulty in uploading photos I will not be sponsoring this site.
Okay, I am starting to look for a used pair of Martin Logan Summit. They do not need to be perfect, just without issues. I am hoping to find a pair that is in Florida. That way we don’t need to worry about shipping.
Big Guy - I see you're a fellow CLX owner. Whereabouts in CT are you? I'm in New Milford. Loving my CLX speakers - would be fun to compare notes once all this pandemic nonsense is behind us. I'm 58, married with 1 college-age daughter. -


I did't see this answered in the thread: is there a recording of the Gayle Sanders chat? How would one access it? Thanks.
I have sold Martin Logan’s for over 30 years. It’s been a great time and like one of my best friends often says if you can see through them then you dont want them.
TTOCS, what a nice video on speaker setup. I agree with this guy 100%. In the testing that I have been involved with over the years, he is spot on. It is all in the setup. This guy really has put it all in a nice presentation and offers his DVD for $50. I wish ML could pin that video so it is front and center on the forum. Thanks for the video!
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Yeah, that video helped my understanding a bit more about what to expect before even doing it. It is responsible for my speakers having the extreme toe-in that they do. It sounds the best in my room, has a great soundstage, and the magic really happens with some recordings seeming so real that you could reach out and touch the performers.

I may just have to get that DVD, thanks for sharing that info!
Good to see you again!
Again? Do I know you from another forum?
The Carversite
Sorry, I don't remember. Haven't been on that site in years.
Angie, Bernard wrote to me an email, asking to contact you for help. Here is his email: Bobby, As I mentioned before, I can no longer post in MLO. I keep getting a message that I have insufficient privileges, and that attempts to send messages to my email ID fail. I can’t contact Tom.I don’t see the PM link, so could you please message him.Thanks, Bernard. [email protected]
Thanks for the help, regards from Costa Rica,
I've just fixed his account. Tell him to contact [email protected] if this happens again.
Hi Timobi

I noticed from the Martin Logan Owners forum that you have 13As. I've just ordered a pair but they won't arrive till January - I'm in UK.

Could you let me know of a dimension that's not on the ML site or User Guide? What's the distance between the front and rear spikes? I ask because my present speakers stand on 60 x 30 cm (23 1/2" x 11 3/4") slate slabs. I'm hoping these will be good for the MLs. My guess from photos of the side of the speakers is that the distance is about 49 cm (19 1/4") in which case I won't need to look for new supports. I have nice timber floors that won't appreciate spikes, so these slabs with a sound absorbent pad below seem to work well.

Many thanks

Email [email protected]
Hello Jonathan,

I was referred to you by another member here, Georgehifi.

He suggested you may have knowledge of the RTR DR-1 speakers ?

I have a complete pair, with panels and amplifiers all working well.

However, the original twin 10" and single 12" drivers in each cabinet have been replaced by DaiIchi drivers.

I'd like to try and source the originals, if possible. If not, I'd like to try and find the parameters to allow me to find modern equivalents.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Campbell