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Hallo to all of you.I'm new to this fascinating forum.I was the owner for a couple of years of an 6years old pair of Sequel II's.I had the ML's on a set of Denon's POA-S10.Sound wasn't nice for all these time.
Last year i haered a demoset with a pair of a lot smaller Aeon's hooked up with an Mc-Intosh 2xmono set-up.What a difference!!!This set-up sounded much more smooth and what a soundstage!This is why i sold a couple of months later the Denon mono's with the AVC-A1d i just as pré and to power-up my ML Cinema.
Last month i traded my Sequel II's for a very young pair of Aeon's.I needed to replace the ESL panels and also the Aeon's have much more WAF.
At this time i need to invest in some power for the Aeon's and the Cinema...
For the moment i have three, i find all very nice posibilities:

1° Sunfire Theatre Grand / Cinema set 2x200W combi, ex-demo.
2° Lexicon RV-8, demo condition.
3° Rotel RSP-1098 / RMB-1075, second-hand = 2 years old.

OK, there's a big difference in price.
But i know i should invest at the moment in some proper power set-up for the ML's.
I play 90% of the time as stereo/2ch direct.I bought the Cinema in a very nice deal, so it's kind of extra to me.Will update lateron with scripts or ... for ch 4-5.
Interlinks and speakerruns are AudioQuest's, should be ok in every set-up ;-)

So plaese shoot me any advice wich you have for me.
Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards, Mans, Belgium.


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Dec 27, 2004
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I'm really surprised that the Denon POA-S10s did not sound nice with your Sequel IIs. They are (were) definitely the best monoblocks Denon ever made.. very rare and quite powerful.

...Or did I misunderstand your post?



Hey Tom,

No you did understand me perfectly.
My experiences with the Denon S10's were very good when i still had my Klipsch RF3 speakers.But when i changed after some years to a less "PA-sounding" couple of Sequell II's i founded the sound not be "warm", i received to my feeling a "harsh" sound, not the sound i was expenting.When i had the oppertinity to listen to the Aeon's powered by Mc, in a room almost the same as i have, the voices became much more defined and the lows seems more under control.
OK, i most say when i changed from the Sequell's to the Aeon's i have a much more "controlled" soundstage.Even the Aeon's have smaller panels and have 8" ipo 10" the low-end is more shorter/better and seems to be more paired with the ESL's.AT this moment i have the ML's directly to the AVC-A1.
I still can use the AVC for some days, untill the buyer shows up, as aggreed.So i have some more days to make a decision on buying a new powerstation.

I founded this morning a 4° intresting possibility, and surely at thisone to my list: An Mc MHT-100, wich leaves me:

1° Sunfire Theatre Grand / Cinema set 2x200W combi, ex-demo.
2° Lexicon RV-8, demo condition.
3° Rotel RSP-1098 / RMB-1075, second-hand = 2 years old.
4° McIntosh MHT-100, also as ex-demo from a german store.

Thanks for your reply Tom.But most say i find Denon's not a topcombination with ML's, to my experiences.

I read some very good comments on Sunfire as powerstation to ML's.
Can somebody pass me his experience with Bob carvers Sunfire...?
Is the MHT-100 powerfull enought to swing the Aeon's?

Have a nice weekend to you all...

Regards Mans.