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Hello everyone .... I posted my problem below at another site - and them thought that maybe someone here had heard the Voyages and could give me some insight that maybe I am missing. So here goes ......

I am in the difficult position of no longer having the floor space in my living room for my stand mounted ProAc Response 1SC speakers. I have a dedicated listening space in the basement, so I am prepare to compromise on my approach to providing stereo sound to fill the living room with music for back ground listening.

The difficulty is that I have a narrow-ish fire place (70 inches wide) with a high mantle (55 inches from the floor) which means that if I used in walls - they would have to sit well above the seating position in the wall above the mantle.

I note that the single review of the Martin Logan Voyage that I have read was extremely positive. They have tweeters which could be directed somewhat. Furthermore, I have the possibility of secreting a sub somewhere in the room .

My source for this room is a Linn Ikemi with Sugden amplification. Most of the music listened to in this space tends to be acoustic based - and the ProAcs absoutely sing with this kind of material.

Am I mad to consider this option? Am I missing some obvious other option that I have not considered?

Your thoughts would be kindly appreciated before I drive out of state to audition the Voyages.

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Jul 8, 2006
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It sounds like the Voyages would be a very good option for you. Life is full of compromises. But if you bought Voyages to accomodate your listening environment, and then supplemented them with a good sub, compromises would be minimal. In this way you could have full range sound and not be tripping over stuff in your room. I like ProAc's - I had some Tablette's a while back. They're pretty good for standard speakers. I woud imagine the Voyages would offer you the superb sound quality you're used to without the placement issues.

What kind of sub were you thinking of? Because you might be surprised. With 2 8" aluminium woofers to play with, the bass output may very well sit you right back in your seat - maybe even rivel your old ProAc's! What wall would you mount them in? The big secret, I reckon would be in the install. Get that right, and the Voyages will rock.

Jeff Zaret

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Jan 3, 2005
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Don't know your budget but the Vignette and the Fresco may also be options. These I believe are more money but that is a guess.

Jeff :cool: