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I've read that previous lines of ML's when powered by PS Audio's power regenerators did not like the Multiwave setting (causes the ML's to shut down). Since I already have a P600, I decided to try it with my Vantages and discovered that not only does it work now but it improves the sound dramatically. The bass goes A LOT deeper and is better defined. The soundstage became much more dimensional. Just about everything else got kicked up a notch (BAM! as Emeril would say it). Anybody else have similar experience with their Logans?
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Jan 3, 2005
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Martin Logan’s have a shut off (Not sure if the new generation ML’s have it?) if the signwave should go over 70Hz the charging board will shut down. I tested this with my new P1000, I can increase the signwave up 69Hz with the charging lights on my Ascents still illuminated, click the button over to 70Hz and the light go’s off.

The first time I tried multiwave it worked, but the 2nd time the LEDs on my ascents shut off. Personally I like the Signwave over the new multiwave II settings, but well see I still wont to play with the multiwave II settings some more.