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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Unbreakable (DTS) “Vista Series”
Year of Release: 2000
Film Studio: Touchstone Pictures, Blinding Edge Pictures
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

Unbreakable is a suspense thriller with supernatural overtones, which revolves around a man who learns something extraordinary about himself after a devastating accident. As Unbreakable unfolds we are introduced to David Dunn (Bruce Willis). He is the sole survivor of a horrific train-crash, which kills everyone except Dunn; he doesn’t have a scratch on him. Elijah aka: “Mr. Glass” wonderfully portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson has been searching the world over for a sign, a hint that maybe someone is the opposite of him. You see Elijah is a frail man with a bone disease that makes his bones brittle and susceptible to breaking easily. He is looking for someone who is unbreakable…

M. Night Shyamalan (Night) genius direction gives us a fantastic story of the first part of a superheroes life. Night has made a complete film about just the first part, i. e., discovering his powers and abilities, coping with the knowledge of his powers and abilities, discovering his limitations, learning how to apply his abilities to help mankind, trying-out his skills out for the first time. Not only does Night give us Dunn’s beginning superhero story, but also at the same time his develops the evil mastermind of “Mr. Glass”. But Night doesn’t stop there, as apart of the plot he makes the evil mastermind a necessary key figure for Dunn to become the superhero - he must become. Without Mr. Glass, Dunn would have not become a superhero. The plot is detailed and extremely well told. It is a fascinating in-depth character study of how a superhero becomes a superhero. :D

Bruce Willis is at his very best in his portrayal of David Dunn. Willis is as thoughtful, as he is resistant of what he kinda has known most of his life, but denied. But as Dunn discovers his special abilities make him a superhero. He realizes (with the help of Mr. Glass) he has his vulnerabilities to water, just as superman was vulnerable to “Kryptonite”. Willis gives an intensity to his character, which is fresh and inspired, not over the top. I enjoyed Robin Wright-Penn’s performance as well. She is restrained as Dunn’s wife, but vulnerable and sensitive to Willis. Dunn’s son played by Spencer Clark is energetic as a troubled yet worshipful son to a superhero. The son knows (Dad’s a Superhero) and believes in his father’s abilities long before his father does. The son even offers to shoot his father with a gun to prove his point, as the son knows the built will just bounce off his superhero father's body. One of my favorite scenes occurs in the family basement, as Dunn (Willis) is working out with weights, but then decides to experiment by trying to see just how much weight he can bench-press. What is his maximum bench-press weight limit. His son assists his father with the experiment. They gradually apply more and more weight until all of the weights are all used up, then they begin to apply full gallon paint cans to each end of the lift bar. With each greater weight the boy moves further and further back for safety. The scene is funny as well as poignant.

Mr. Glass is quite an interesting character, for the reasons I’ve stated above to be sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson’s performance. Jackson showed all of the tortured pain, frustration and ravages of living with a devastating disease and how it warped and twisted him over time. Jackson portrays Mr. Glass as very intelligent and ruthlessly logical, though patiently understanding and friendly of David Dunn, even until the very end of the film. Mr. Glass allows Dunn unfettered access to Mr. Glass’s life. Dunn even meets Mr. Glass’s mother. Mr. Glass needed David Dunn so much to validate Mr. Glass’s existence this is just how Jackson portrays his role of Mr. Glass. His performance is marvelous. :D

The Vista Series DVD set is excellent. The second “Bonus” disc has wonderful deleted scenes, which I feel should have been included in the original film. I feel the conclusion of the bench-press experiment in the football stadium workout / warm-up room, where Dunn is employed as a, “Chief Security Guard”, would have been terrific. Or Dunn’s confession to a priest - communicating and working out, why did he survive the train wreck without a scratch. Why his wristwatch looked like it had been smashed with a “sludge hammer” and yet his arm was totally unharmed. These were extremely good deleted scenes, not to be missed on the DVD bonus disc. Also, a fascinating interview with director Night was excellent.

DTS sound was really thrilling and again very necessary in this kinda suspense / thriller film. DTS rocked my ML speakers. Unbreakable is one of my favorite films and terrific in DTS in this “Vista Series” edition.
I highly recommend Unbreakable to everyone as well as the excellent Bonus featurettes on disc two. :D

:D HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on…