Tommy Shaw & The Contemporary Youth Orchestra (CYO)

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Jun 13, 2020
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Artist: Tommy Shaw

CD: Tommy Shaw & The Contemporary youth Orchestra - Sing For The Day

Year: 2016

This is Tommy Shaw (of Styx) and Will Evankovich playing acoustic guitars backed by an orchestra of 100+ 12 - 18 year olds. CYO is an award winning youth orchestra known for performances with major musical groups. On Sing For the day, they play many of Tommy's favorite songs from his days with Styx, Damn Yankees, and his solo career. At 63 years old, Tommy's voice and guitar playing are better than ever. The songs include Girls With Guns, Sing For the Day, Crystal Ball, Renegade, High Enough, Too Much Time on My Hands, Fooling Yourself, Boat On a River. The finale Blue Collar Man is played with so much it may bring tears to your eyes. There is a CD and DVD.