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May 9, 2005
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Title: To Kill A Mockingbird (DTS) “Legacy Series”
Year of Release: 1962
Film Studio: Universal
Genre: Drama

To Kill A Mockingbird was based on the novel by Harper Lee. She wrote this great American novel drawing from her own experiences, having grown up in the south herself. She was so thrilled that Gregory Peck was to play the part of Atticus Finch for the feature film; she honored Gregory Peck with a tribute, which is included in the DVD box set.
She wrote:

When I learned that Gregory Peck would play Atticus Finch in the film production of To Kill A Mockingbird. I was, of course delighted: here was a fine actor who had made some great films – what more could a writer ask for? I met him and his family and we became friends. The film was made and Gregory’s performance was unforgettable. Superbly crafted with quiet artistry, he had brought to the part a quality that I could not, at the time, define, but whatever it was, it worked.
It was when our friendship deepened with the years that I began to learn some of the secrets of Gregory’s Atticus. Gregory himself was a man of deep beliefs and was fearless in their defense. I watched him take career-ending risks in support of causes he believed in, and he never stopped to count the costs. His trademark was integrity. He was a man who loved deeply. His family and his friends were the beneficiaries of emotional attachments with which went his loyalty and devotion. In short, we were his heart. He was possessed with a sly sense of humor, which caused unexpected double-takes. He was a man of gentleness and courtesy and quiet refinement. He was Greg.
The years told me his secret. When he played Atticus Finch, he had played himself, and time has told all of us something more: when he played himself, he touched the world. – Harper Lee

Sensitively directed by Robert Mulligan, this film was made during the troubled civil rights times of the early sixties. The film actually takes place in a much earlier time, as seen through the eyes of children. Jim, Scout and Dell are the three irrepressible children would play together and experience the problems of a small southern town. Mary Badham who played “Scout” offers a wonderful perspective in one of the several excellent “Bonus” features on the second DVD disc, called “Scout Remembers”, Ms. Badham talks about her experiences working with Gregory Peck.

Gregory Peck’s performance was not only an Oscar winner performance, but I believe the very best he ever did in his long film career. He was strong yet gentle. His character “Atticus” was a good single father to his two children. Atticus was a strong principled man, strong yet sincere. One of my favorite scenes is in the courtroom, when Atticus is giving his closing summation to the jury. Then after as the African-American folks remain and stand in tribute to honor a good man. It is a great moment in the film. Mr. Peck was genuinely thrilled to play the part of Atticus Finch. He said it was his all time favorite role too. :D

To Kill A Mockingbird is one of those great American films that are now an American classic. Universal did a fine job with this DVD “Legacy Series” version on DVD. For the first time this film is offered in DTS 5.1 sound, which is excellent. Even with Blue-Ray coming very soon now this film has never looked or sounded better on DVD in this “Legacy Series” edition. :D

I highly recommend this film for everyone to experience movie making at it’s best. To Kill A Mockingbird is just a wonderful classic for every DVD library.

:D HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on…