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May 9, 2005
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Title: The Incredibles (Dolby EX) 2 Disc "Collector's Edition"
Year of Release: 2003
Film Studio: Disney / Pixar
Genre: Animated Comedy

Brad Bird wrote and directed this fun and fanciful animated comedy film at Pixar for Disney productions. I found this animated feature film to be quite enjoyable. Definitely an animated film that is as fun for adults as well as kids too. I have never reviewed an animated feature film before, because most animated films play down to children’s level at one time or another during most animated features. This film is one of the exceptions. I find the jokes and plot to be more for a mature adult audiences taste.

A family of undercover superheroes (super’s), while trying to live the quiet suburban life, is forced into action to save the world. The evil Syndrome (a disenfranchised fan of Mr. Incredible) begins to systematically illuminate all of the world’s superheroes.

The writer / director (Bird) has a very good concept of human development and experience. Bird goes right to the point with the adolescent daughter Violet as she gets into a fight with her younger brother Dash at the dinner table, except these kids have super powers, but luckily so does their Mom and Dad.

One of my favorite hilarious characters in The Incredibles was Edna Mode, which was loosely based on the famous costume designer Edith Head. When Mr. Incredible comes to her for a repair of his old superhero outfit she offers to fashion a modern new model. Mr. Incredible mentions he thinks a cape would be cool and she yells, “No Capes”. :D

This film being an animated feature is free to go beyond the bounds of live action, with incredible mechanized evil robots and visuals, which are difficult to match in live action. The Incredibles is magnificently filled full of fun insights and comic thought we have all had at one time or another. One of my favorite scenes was when Bob Parr aka: Mr. Incredible is stuck behind a life insurance desk and slyly gives an elderly customer insider information to collect claim benefits from the insurance company his works for.

The voices of animated characters is very pivotal, as most of you know the late, Mel Blank was the supreme master of voice characterizations. I always loved the Looney Toon’s… :D Be-that-as-it-may The Incredibles as with most animated feature productions today use an actor for each character in the film. Craig T. Nelson aptly portrays “Mr. Incredible’s” voice and he is great. Holly Hunter beautifully voices “Elastigirl”. Superhero “Frozone” has the wonderfully rich voice of Samuel L. Jackson. The impish brashness of bad guy “Syndrome” is Jason Lee.

The Incredibles 2 Disc “Collector’s Edition” digital-to-digital transfer pops off my plasma screen and the Dolby 5.1 EX sound knocked the socks off my HT system. Presented in 2.39:1 Widescreen is simply fantastic. Audio and visually speaking this DVD is excellent in all areas. The second DVD “Bonus” disc has some very entertaining featurettes like: the hilarious “Jack-Jack Attach” filling the gap in the film during which the Parr baby is left with the talkative babysitter, Kari. These scenes are really quite funny with the youngest member of the Parr super family having the most incredible natural abilities / power in this entire family; :D he gives the baby sitter a run for her money. “Boundin’,” which played in front of the film theatrically, was created by Pixar too. There is a 30-minute segment on deleted scenes. The ‘secret files’ contain a “lost” animated short from the superheroes’ glory days.

The Incredibles is a marvelously bright and fun action animated feature, which thoroughly entertains. I highly recommend it.

:D HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on…


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