System #128 (Clariey, Cinema i, Grotto)

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1. Member Name: John

2. Location: Northern Virginia

3. ML Model(s): Clarity, Cinema i, Grotto

4. Year Purchased: 2006

5. Mods/Changes: None

6. Associated Electronics: Toshiba 62" DLP HDTV, Toshiba DVD Player, Pioneer Surround Speakers, Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX AV Receiver

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

Believe it or not, the black and silver colors of all the equipments (including the tower fan!) were a pleasant coincident. :D Electronic components are located inside the closet behind the far right door (door slides open for remote control during use). I wish I had this easy covering system for the Clarity's. :p

For stereo listening, the Clarity speakers really shine in the imaging and soundstage categories. The way I have these arranged, the L/R speakers produce an effect where sound is strongly coming from the front center of the room, making it sound like the center speaker was on when it wasn't! :cool:

Lastly,the red walls, white carpet, and blue ceiling and curtains add up to a great home theater feeling!

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Clarity HT System...


:D Welcome to the ML Club!
Great HT Clarity set-up... :) I like your color sceme for you HT room. Am I seeing hanging round globe theater lighting in your photo? If so - it is tres cool... :D I've been considering hanging low voltage, adjustable HT lighting as well but I desided to wait, till I move to my larger retirement home, in about five years.

Excellent system and HT set-up... :D


No, they're not hanging globe lamps (that would be really groovey)...They're just a product of dirty camera lens. :(