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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Sim Audio Moon Aurora...

Neil H said:
Does know how the Moon W5 power amp works with Martin Logan Quests

First I must say, Welcome to the ML Club! :D
I didn't audition Sim Audio's - Moon W5, but I auditioned the sound of the Sim Audio's Moon Aurora... :D The Moon Aurora was a wonderful amplifier, it place into the finial decission, which I had to make with the Anthem Statement P5 amp. I auditioned and eventually chose the later, as the P5 just simply had more definition and imaging to the sound. It was a very difficult choice though, as the Moon Aurora is a totally excellent SS amplifier.
So you are concidering Sim Audio amplifiers, I take it you have auditioned the Moon W5. Have you heard the Moon Aurora? I would recommend auditioning one in your own HT, if it is at all possible. Trusting your ears, is the key to finding the best sounding gear for your system. :) Personally, I think a Moon Aurora amp would make your Quests sing, but you are the one that must live with your purchase.

Please see my review of the, "Anthem Statement P5" under "Amplifier Recommendations". In my review of the P5, I compare the P5 to the Moon Aurora and talk more about my impression of the Sim Audio's - Moon Aurora.

Good luck on your audio quest.

It's good to have you here. :D

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