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Jan 17, 2006
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I wonder if anyone could relay their own experience in adding the Descent sub to a 2-channel music only system.

I succesfully integrated the Descent in a previous set-up using the ML Prodigys. The Descent not only could be inserted without much trial and error, but while adding a more solid fundament to the lower octaves as expected, it opened up the high region as well. It was a strange and unexpected benefit that left little doubt of a beneficial and well integrated pairing of sub and mains.

Not so after replacing the Prodigies with Summits. The more extended highs of the Summit did not benefit from the addition of the Descent and in the lower region it seemed not only unnecessary, but to take away from stage depth. I never managed to fully integrate it and could not keep it from speaking as "a third voice".

Of course adding the full set of the Descent's controls to those already on both Summits added to the complexity of adjustment and placement of seven instead of four bass drivers in my room. Removal of the Descent provided the most balanced integration of the entire spectrum in my room, but I am curious to hear of other people's experience with this type of pairing.

Meanwhile I have added the Descent to my HT , it was a breeze to set up and rollickingly good.