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Jan 1, 2005
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I have 2 sets of Martin Logan instructions for replacing the Power Supply Circuit Board and Panel in .PDF form. These are the original printed instructions from Martin Logan. The photos are not that great but the written instructions are very useful.

The first set is for replacing the Power Amplifier Module inside the Summit and goes along with the DIY article I posted (including photos) earlier this year.

The second set is for earlier Summit model that may not have the updated circuit board. The updated circuit board makes the internal amplifier compatible with Digital (Ice-Power) amplifiers. This second set is also good for showing you how to remove the front Electrostat panel on a Summit and accessing the electronics in the front cabinet compartment. ML can look up your SN to find out if your Summits were originally built with the later model power supply circuit board. If you don't use a digital amplifier then you don't need the updated circuit board.

SleepySurf took the time to scan the printed instructions to a PDF file. He was going to upload them to this website but the filesize is too large. If anyone would like a copy of these instructions you can send me a PM. Or maybe Tom can find room on the server to make them available.