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May 22, 2005
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Queensland, Australia
Hi guys - just wondering anyone's thoughts on subwoofer connection.

I currently run my Aerius full range with the Whise sub connected via the speaker level inputs and tuned to match. So far, this has provided me with many years of listening enjoyment, however I am curious as to what difference I could expect if I were to use the sub's crossover (so far, I have resisted because I do not want to compromise the ES panel).

So what if I were to connect the Aerius woofer using the sub's speaker level output (and therefore its crossover), but connected the ES panel directly to the amplifier so as not to run this cable through extra terminations/crossovers/etc.

I would try it, but unfortunately I don't have enough spare cable - I'd like to know your thoughts as to whether to give this a try.

A little piccy is attached!