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wipper snapper

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Apr 25, 2006
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or how I found a bad Summit panel circuit board. I had hooked up a pair of MIT Oracle 2.1 for an in home demo just for grins. I say grins because their is no way in my lower Southern middle class mind can a speaker cable be worth this much. Anyway I installed them and allowed the suggested minimum break in run time before making any real listening attempt. During this time I had also added a 2 channel preamp that allows for balance control that my Outlaw processor did not have. So the first time I sit down to do a little listening I notice the left channel Summit panel sounds distorted in the upper 1/4. Now I'm thinking you can have these so called Oracles 'cause they stink in my system. (reference recent speaker cable thread) But wait lets not make any snap judgements about these here Oracles. Remember I mentioned the ability to adjust the balance with the new pre-amp. So after adjusting the balance from left to right with a good elevated volume level the distortion was only on the left side. Could the new cables cause just one side to be distorted or did a different problem exist. So not to turn this into any more of a Michener novel (in length only) I'll cut to the chase; after swapping the speaker positions from left to right it turns out to be the speaker its self that is the source of the distortion. So did the speaker cable bring this problem to light? Did the new preamp or is it just the result of serendipity? The posts some people will make just to keep from being deleted. :D

to be continued