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Ok, I've looked high and low and found input from a bunch of places. I'd like to hear the collective wisdom of this forum on a future 7.1 surround setup I'm envisioning (needs to be "future ready" for Blu-Ray / HD-DVD)

My current setup is a pair of bi-amped Aeon i's in the front, along with a Cinema i for the center. Amped by a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 x 5. So far, so good. Depth subwoofer to complete the front.

I'm currently running 6.1 with a pair of Mosaics on the sides and a single Fresco as the rear channel. Due to my bizarre way of setting things up, I also have a pair of Dynamo subs currently tied to the Mosaics (no LFE). All of these are running off a Denon 3806, which I'm planning to upgrade to a 4806 for THX, network capability, and the excellent (IMHO)A/V switching that the Denons provide. Yeah, and a marginal increase of wattage that I'll likely not notice.

So for speaker layout later on when I go 7.1 in a new room... I'm thinking that I keep the front "as is". Question is the surrounds. Should I put the Mosaics as the surround back channel (and thus get another Fresco to complete the side channels) or reverse that? I'll likely tie the Dynamos to the Frescoes either way as I'm pretty sensitive to bass response and they're paid for... With the current 6.1 setup, I barely hear the rear channel since I had to place it above my seating area, but this will change in the future.

Another option (pending the girlfriend acceptance factor...) would be to get a pair of Script i's, but I haven't priced a pair and won't know where to place them until I have a new location to put everything.

Sorry for the long-winded post. Thanks in advance! Pics of my current setup are submitted pending moderator approval.

Jim Lippert
Fremont, CA


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Jan 17, 2005
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East Meadow, Long Island
I would simply get another fresco. Sides or rear should be a matter of room
as I don't think sound from the mosaics will be noticably different.