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HI All,
I recently got the bug to update my CLSIIA's. My plan was to upgrade to the IIZ box and get new panels. I found, however, the Z boxes were no longer available. I settled for new panels.

One issue I had with the IIA's was their tendency to collect dust. I live in a very dusty environment. The most important feature of the Z box for me was the sensing power supply. Right now, I unplug the speakers. That solved the dust problem but, being lazy, it's a bit of a hassle and I do forget once in a while. The part that makes me feel really foolish is to have a friend over for some good listening, turn my system on, and being greeted by silence.

Opps! Forgot to plug in the speakers.

Most of you all may already know this but I didn't. In case you don't know, one can buy the sensing power supplies and install them in the stock CLS IIA boxes. They have nothing to do with the Z boxes other than they were included with them.

So, I bought 2 sensing power supplies for $90 each. I received them yesterday and plan to install them this weekend. If I run into any troubles I'll let you know. I don't anticipate any.

This is great because I got most of what I wanted with the Z boxes at very low cost. Pretty neat. Thanks for looking out for your customers, Martin Logan.

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