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Nov 22, 2021
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First time poster. To condense the story.. Significant other saved up to get me a pair of scripts for my HT build. She was so happy as she knew I really wanted these. Could only afford used, but she did listen to them before she bought. Opened them - still in original box. Well, I guess she did not notice that one of the panels was not working... I swapped panels between them and at least both panels work, so thinking power supply. Don't have the heart to tell her, so called ML today. $380 for a new power supply!

So, question. Is there a place to send it out to be fixed cheaper than buying a new one? I am not really an electric tech, but can check basic things. Opened the rear panel, don't see a fuse and nothing looked charred or burnt. Are there any boards or groups that would sell something like this used? Not sure where to go from here, just trying not to devastate my wife telling her they don't work.

Thanks for reading