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Dec 14, 2020
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I’ve been looking for a good center channel to match the ReQuests that I use as fronts. Considered all the existing electrostatic-based ML centers, but then decided to try out using some spare ReQuest parts as a center.

Panel is placed horizontally with some proof of concept 3D printed clips to hold the stator panels tightly together. Wired to a ReQuest crossover panel with a ReQuest woofer running in free air mode (switch set to reduce and preamp set the center to small to prevent over-excursion of the woofer outside of an enclosure).

Even with the very thrown together proof of concept test, and the panel resting too low on the floor, the result was impressive. Obviously perfectly matches the L&R, and with the width covering most of the screen width, there is surprisingly good dispersion to the seats in the theater.

Next steps are to design a clamping system for the stator, devise a wall mount with a stiff hinge that will allow angle adjustment, enclose the panel electronics and determine if I need the 12” driver or if I can replace it with a dummy 4ohm resistor without compromising sound from the center- especially if I have the center crossed to pass lows to the subs.