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Jan 15, 2022
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I just joined and wanted to say hello! I live in the Boston area and one of my college buddies introduced me to Martin Logan. I bought a used pair of original Sequels a couple of years ago and started with an SAE 2200 amp. I thought it was distorting so I got a Hypex NC502MP amp which seems better. I noticed that one of the Sequels plays a bit louder than the other so i have an attenuator set to balance them out.
I am quite pleased with the Sequels, especially as I’ve upgraded the source material. I started with an SMSL M200 DAC playing Bluetooth. Noticed a big improvement switching to LDAC Bluetooth codec. Noticed further improvement when I used a micro pc to feed in 96k usb. Now I’m using an old Surface Pro and the usb is at 384k. The differences really surprised me - the imaging, sense of space, clarity and details are all improved.
I’m hoping to learn more about the Sequels here and would like to connect with other music lovers in the Boston area.