Paul Rodgers Muddy Water Blues

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Aug 30, 2006
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Paul Rogers
Muddy Water Blues
1993 Victory Music
Genre: Blues/Rock

General Comments

Tough to categorize this one as it features a number of Muddy Water's classics but all sung by Paul Rogers with back up from some of rocks greatest guitar masters. This CD is is well produced and will show case the best of what your systems can offer. Each song has a little something special and takes on the power and majesty of Paul Rogers amazing vocals and the unique styles of each guitar hero featured.

This CD is definately worth having in your catelog as the acoustical is clean and soleful and the main tracks go from traditional tempo to high octane super charged blues. Featured on this CD are Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Buddy Guy, Brian May (guess where the Queen connection came from), Steve Miller, Gary Moore, Trevor Rabin, Richie Sambora, Neal Schon, Brian Setzer, and Slash. Toss in a little Jason Bonham on drums, David Paich on piano and you have essentially a rotating super group on almost every track.

Half the fun is listening to each song and trying to pick up on the style of each guitar God but none of the disapoint or fail to put personal imprints on all time classics. The entire CD is great but my favorites are #10 She Moves Me and #14 Good Morning Little School Girl II.

Give it a listen and I would be surprised if this something you don't pull out as a reference CD or when you just want to enjoy some hard rock'in blues.