Pakistan election results signal hope of improved standard of living for residents.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Congratulations Mr. Imran Khan your political party PTI won the greatest number of National Assembly seats. Inshallah you will hold the office of Prime Minister unless extremely corrupt politicians bribe and buy greater number of national assembly votes. The political, social and economic change for better in Pakistan that was part of your political party’s manifesto is now within reach and is largely in your hand through the decisions you will make. When you fulfill your promises you will make a welcome positive change in the nations destiny. Fulfillment of promises ensure win in election to take place after five years. Please do not be like the politicians in other political parties who never try to fulfill their pre-election promises. And are only single minded about illegally increasing their wealth.

Please do ensure Bhasha Dam and other dams are built. Thus, when due to climate change in the future rains fail there is no shortage of clean drinking water in Pakistan. Chinese engineers have the necessary expertise to build hydroelectric dams. CPEC may open the possibility of China helping us build very large capacity modern hydroelectric water reservoirs.

Everywhere in the western educated world decisions are taken by government keeping the best interest of consumer in mind. Historically In Pakistan government policy shows complete disregard for consumer interests.

Compared to USA , in Pakistan the fuel price per litre is extremely high. Consumer welfare is eroded by high fuel prices. High fuel prices fuel inflation. Why do not oil price fall in Pakistan when the international price of oil per barrel falls? Why are we locked into high oil price? Who is pushing up the price of petrol artificially in Pakistan when fuel prices are falling and low outside Pakistan. This phenomenon needs looking into and the criminals brought to justice.

Politicians who are responsible for economic policy have large amount of US dollars in their account. They are not concerned that the rupee keeps decreasing in value against the USD. They welcome devaluation. Every time the rupee gets devalued our national debt in dollars keeps increasing in rupee terms and is increasingly difficult to repay. Our national debt is around 2 trillion rupees. The governments of PPP and PML-N caused our external debt to greatly increase. The reason why high external USD debt cause problems is that a huge portion of Pakistan tax revenue used to repay principal of outstanding debt and interest on debt. This sum a large percentage of annual budget instead should be earmarked for development welfare projects.

Not in the best interest of the common man consumer that the rupee be devalued. Under last military government the rupee not decrease in value for long period of time. Devaluing the rupee causes cost push inflation. Machinery and equipment for producing everyday food items becomes more expensive to buy. Ingredients in many food items become more expensive to the business due to devaluing rupee. The commercial firm transfers the higher cost to consumers in the form of higher selling price. A pathetic reason given for the downward slide of the rupee against the basket of currencies. To keep exports competitive in the international market by making them less expensive than competing goods. This devaluation keeps our commercial sector afloat. For how long will our businesses make sub-international-standard goods of low quality? The answer is forever. Educated consumers who are aware of their best interest demand high quality goods and services. High quality goods that fulfill consumer needs sell in international markets for a premium.

How can Pakistan business firms infuse quality in goods and services they produce? The answer is simple. Yet has eluded all prime ministers and presidents so far. Business firm training programs for employed workers. And prior to employment training a meaningful, relevant, modern or competitive education for children and youth in Pakistan of the school going and university age respectively.

There is good for the poor common man that PTI leaders can achieve. Crucial to have a effective result oriented team which has zero tolerance for corruption and wealth acquisition when holding public office.
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