Pakistan doomsday draws closer.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Since the start of the 80’s, fourth or perhaps the fifth time floods have ravaged Pakistan.

We need to know the root cause and how does Pakistan remedy the situation. While we can blame India for opening spillway of water reservoir located upstream on Chenab river. The same act of India would be appreciated if Pakistan had extremely large capacity reservoirs with one on river Chenab. And one each on rivers in Pakistan that have headworks or originate from India. At the time of subcontinent partition Radcliffe unjustly awarded to India headworks of rivers that flow into Pakistan. A source of potential conflict. Not to mention award of muslim majority area in Kashmir to India. A bone of contention since then.

The political parties that formed governments in the past have not learned a lesson from current disaster or similar disasters before this one. They do not allow the property of large land holding zamindars, part of the former corrupt rulers from being submerged a consequence of reservoir being built. And thus do not protect the future generations of Pakistan. Building water reservoirs was and we are again reminded by excessive rainfall are the most essential item on Pakistan’s activity list.

Just look around the globe and you will see new instances of drought or further increase in severity of famine. World climate was gradually changing but is now changing fast. Like most other nations Pakistan will suffer from the impact of excessive year in year out rainfall. Or suffer drought. We cannot afford to be caught unprepared for drought, flood and tropical storm.

First, reservoirs and their irrigation water help to mitigate the pernicious effects of drought. Lack of irrigation water causes crops to fail. Pakistan so far has not suffered from drought in recent history. But we do not know with certainty whether drought will happen in the future.

Existing oil price Inflation, recession is making life hell for underprivileged citizens. Add to the existing scenario possible bankruptcy of Pakistan. This will cause a large portion of the population to starve if further damage to crop occurs through excessive rainfall. Unless funds are earmarked now. There will be severe shortage of funds to import grain.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team took into account future damage to crops through either flood water or lack of water. They attempted to secure 2 million tons of wheat from Russia at 20 percent discount. Imran khan and his team tried to secure at 30% discount, oil to prevent inflation from further heating up. And obtain at discount gas from Russia because Pakistan Sui gas fields are nearly fully depleted. Pakistan city dwellers use natural gas to prepare meals. If no gas supply then no meals can be prepared using gas stove. In all three instances PTI was concerned about welfare of citizens of Pakistan.

These were three huge humane deeds done by Russia which restore every Pakistani faith in humanity. But no. Just observe objectively how much hue and cry the west raised over Imran Khans visit to Russia. Imran Khan action were noble just like the Russian offers.

Exactly what kind of living things would prevent human welfare from taking place. And cause near 220 million people in Pakistan to suffer. Answer USA congress objected, meddle in Pakistan internal affairs through threatening sanctions if Pakistan tried to improve welfare of nationals through purchasing essentials from Russia. USA with the help of internal treachery instigated regime change. USA new coalition government has heaped misery upon misery upon the common man in Pakistan. If elections are not held soon Pakistan will end up like crisis hit Sri Lanka.

Second, hydroelectric reservoirs prevent floods and produce electricity. Flood water destroy buildings and roads, drown people and farm animals. Cause all the work of lifetime to perish and force survivors to start again. Takes time and economic resources to recover. Lost lives and the painful impact on surviving family members.

Hydroelectric reservoirs like solar panels and wind farms produce electricity without producing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gasses cause the oceans to warm and snow to melt at faster rate. Warmer oceans affect marine life and unbalance marine ecosystem. Perhaps cause tropical storms. When excessive snow melts due to warmer than usual temperatures floods occur. Another reason why floods occur is excessive rainfall. Excessive rainfall is due to climate change. Climate change is due to global warming caused by greenhouse gasses.
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