Not politics but narrow analysis of Pakistan internal events.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Not politics but narrow analysis of Pakistan internal events.

Pakistan is neutral and not taking sides. Pakistan is a partner in promoting peace and stability. Never partner in external to Pakistan conflict. Kudos to responsible government.This time around by being neutral Pakistan may have escaped disastrous damage to infrastructure and destructive economic effects of war. Not to mention PM Imran Khan and his team looking forward saved the lives and livelihood of millions of unarmed Pakistan civilians and armed forces personnel.

Just see what has happened to Ukraine. Dead civilians and millions of refugees or displaced people most without source of livelihood. Destruction of private and public property. Ukraine economy is in shambles. Ukraine has no hope of wining war which may totally destroy Ukraine armed forces. War may have not taken place if Ukraine had nuclear bombs.

If Zelenski on day one of war agreed to Russian demands. Then civilians need not have died and millions of people need not be displaced. Neither any damage to country infrastructure have taken place. But no the war rages on.

In the media they say Putin is trying to recreate USSR. Not the case. He is just undertaking in Ukraine what USA had done in Iran Iraq war, gulf war and Afghanistan. America harmed Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan because their civilians belong to a culture different from American culture. In addition Iraq has oil reserves. Russia not friendly to NATO expansion and EU expansion into Ukraine.

Pakistan was not neutral and sided with USA twice and both times paid a very heavy price. First when Russia invaded Afghanistan. And second when Pakistan was coerced to support America’s war on Terrorism. The U.S.A president said “ you are either with us or against us”. The American president also said we will not let Pakistan down again. If Pakistan not support American war then crippling sanctions placed on Pakistan and this third world nation would be bombed back to the Stone Age. Since Pakistan was not neutral civilians in Pakistan suffered.

First, war in afghanistan against Russia led to influx of narcotics and weapons into Pakistan.

Second, Unfortunately Pakistan aided USA in trying to eradicate Talibans. USA war against terrorism in Afghanistan caused Pakistan to again pay a very heavy price.

In approx. twenty years thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives to suicide attacks. USA always held responsible taliban and the rest for suicide attacks in Pakistan. Whereas everyone or 220 million Pakistan nationals now know exactly who is responsible for suicide attacks on mosques during Friday prayers. Definitely not the taliban. They would never do such a cowardly shameful act. Killing tens of muslim worshippers during prayer. To do so would incur the wrath of God. However the attackers do not believe in God, judgement day and life after death.

After extending support to USA in their war in Afghanistan what do Americans do? USA joins with India and their puppet government in Afghanistan to carry out terrorist suicide attacks inside Pakistan lasting 20 years. Terrorist first visit the winter White House. Then travel to Afghanistan. From Afghanistan a suicide bomber travels to Pakistan. Within three days of leaving winter White House detonates bomb and kills dozens of Muslim worshippers. Rings a bell does it not. Someone informed me whose houses America supported terrorist are destroying. Just approx. three weeks ago assailants murdered dozens of Shia Muslims during Friday prayers. Shias are mostly targeted and no one is ever caught. Everyone is clueless to the identity of the terrorists. In Iran there is a majority of Shia sect Muslims. The taliban, Islamic state, Sunni Muslims are not responsible for killing shia Muslims and others in Pakistan.

An observation worth bringing to attention of bright minds. During the COVID years 2020 and 2021 inside Pakistan there were hardly any terrorist attacks. During the COVID years 2020 and 2021 both USA and India population had huge number of corona virus cases. In the COVID year 2022 reduction in both USA and India of corona virus cases. In the COVID year 2022 reemergence of suicide bombings inside Pakistan after gap of 2 years. Just a coincidence ?

Taliban have no nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, tanks or air force. Iraq too had no nuclear weapons. Their country Afghanistan like Iraq has been reduced to nearly rubble. They are physically contained within their country borders and hold no threat whatsoever to people living outside Afghanistan. All they have is their faith or religion. Made fun of and not respected because different perspective from USA on how to live life.

Please do not post reply. If you do my post will be deleted.
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