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Thanks for answering my post I live in the Tampa bay area and listened to a set of ML Passages the other day I loved the look and sound of them a buddy of mine has the clarity's and the cinema center channel.

I was wondering if you guys recommend going with the passages as L and R and a ticket for center channel, also what do you recommend for in ceiling speakers I am having my new house built and its nearing completion and I am going in-walls over floorstanding mainly because of the cleaness and my 16month old not knocking them down

I do like to listen to movies and rock music like Van Halen and Floyd but will also listen to U2 or Jack Johnson

My equipment
Yamaha RXV 2095 (150 watts per channel)
60" Sony LCD
Velodyne SPL 1200 for mains
Velodyne SPL 1000 for rears


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Jul 12, 2006
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Phoenix, Arizona
Welcome mtwabo....I don't have any familiarity with those ML's that your speaking of, but I'm sure others on here definately will.

I just wanted to welcome you..

Dan :cool: