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Jul 31, 2020
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BDH, It would seem to me that a repair on your amp would not have been a big deal. Any good repair shop should have been able to fix that shutdown problem and you could have had years of enjoyment with the product. I do however HATE rotten customer service. They knew that it had nothing to do with your processor and were trying to blow you off. You should have tried their corporate offices. When people start lying to get out of work it really pisses me off. Any amp shutdown problem is internal to the amp as long as you do not have a speaker short (or very low load like 2 ohms). You really did get bit by a crappy company. I would never buy anything from them. Customer service always shows the "attitude" of a company. If it is rotten, the company is rotten. That's why we like ML and other great companies so much. Sorry to hear about your problem. It just hit my hot button as it is a very low down, scumbag thing to do to a customer for no reason.
Maybe... but like I said earlier, this was kind of a flaky problem where everything might run fine for a month or even more... and then the next time it happened, it could happen three times inside an hour. A repair shop would potentially need quite a bit of patience to actually witness the problem. Obviously, I'm in full agreement on the customer service issue...

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