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I owe a small ML Home Cinema system (a pair of Clarity as left & right, a Fresco as center, a Depth as sub and a pair of Mosaic as rears).
I am moving to my own flat where there is a dedicated area for home cinema, ( dimensions are 4.5 meters / 15 feet by 4.5 meters / 15 feet). I am thinking to upgrade my system to a pair of Summit, a Stage, and the Descent i.
1. Do you believe that such a system can fit in an area of the above dimensions?
2. If the electric screen is 2.5 meters / 8,2 feet wide there is only 1.0 meter / 3,2 feet in each side to put each Summit ( 0.50 cm / 1,64 feet for the speaker plus 0.50 cm / 1,64 feet for free space). Do you believe that such side free space is adequate for the Summit?


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Aug 17, 2005
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Dallas, TX
Should be a tight fit... maybe you can stick with Vistas and save yourself some cash?

Or you can just push the Summits right in, I'm sure it'll fit. If the room is symmetrical and there arent any weird anomalies, a tight fit would still work. You get into trouble if you have an asymmetrical room and you have to squeeze the Summits in for a fit.

I've had my Summits in a room with ample breathing room and I preferred my Summits in the confines of my smaller bedroom. For some reason, I like how it energizes the 11x12 room rather than the larger 14x20 room.
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Jul 8, 2006
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It will certainly be a tight fit. But there's no reason why it can't work... with a little TLC. The beauty of the Summits is that you can tune the bass a fair bit so it shouldn't over power the room.