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Sep 6, 2005
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I have the following setup:

2 pairs of Mosaics (FL, FL, SBL, SBR)
3 Frescos (center, SL & SR)
SVS PB-12Plus
AVR HK Avr-635

For the last 2 weeks i've been trying to setup my HT with very little success. I have an HK-AVR 635 and have ran the EzSet-EQ calibration several times (See image-Video-both with and without the couches). The SQ absolutely stinks if I use the EzSet-EQ settings. If I manually calibrate using the low frequency CD and RadioShack SPL meter, the SQ improves. But, no where close to what i heard when i deomed the mosaics. When i demoed the mosaics, i beileve they were using a NAD AVR. When i manually calibrate the system, i set all speakers to small and the xovers of the mosaics @ 60 and 80 for the Frescos. I use SVS's guide to configure the sub settings.

Under HK's Menus i configure the "DELAY ADJUST" to values i think are about right distance to the listening positon (EzSet puts in some ridiculous values). I also configure the "CHANNEL ADJUST" using a testone CD (mainly under 150Khz--which may be an issue by itself-have to get higher tone SPL meter). After doing all that the SQ improves as compared to the EzSet-EQ settings. But, Its nowhere near what i expected and heard.

CAVEAT: I know that my room layout and the speaker layout is a bit funky...I may have to swap the rear Mosaics out of for Frescos.

Am I doing something wrong as far as the HK is concerned? Are there any other settings that i should consider changing?

Ill try to post a video that show my rooma an it layout as the gif doesnt fully explain.