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Nov 19, 2011
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Rocky Mountains

I hope I'm making this post/question in the appropriate/best section of the Forum.

I currently have a 2.1 system in my living room: ML Motion 4, older JVC receiver RX-317 and matching CD player.

We subscribe and mostly listen to both Pandora (192kbps) and MOG (320kbps) using an iPhone 4S plugged into the the JVC receiver. Streaming these sources gives fairly good quality audio. But I wanted better.

So, I recently purchased a pair of ML Purity, at a price I couldn't pass up. These unit offer input flexibility. I'm adding the option of hooking them up to the current system, but want an optimum audio source and appropriate cables to get the most out of these speakers. According to Martin Logan:

"Purity marks an exciting new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker design. Internally powered with a high-resolution 200-watt switching amplifier, Purity allows an unprecedented level of system connection flexibility. Equipped with a standard line-level input, Purity is able to connect directly to devices such as digital music players, flat screen televisions or even computers. Additional speaker level inputs also allow Purity to function in a more traditional receiver or pre-amp equipped 2-channel or home theater system."

"To achieve ultimate performance with the Purity use of the RCA line level connection is recommended. With this input Purity is able to connect directly to devices with variable level control such as digital music players, flat screen televisions, computers, and receivers with pre-amp outputs."

Both my wife and I have iPhone 4S and using these with a remote control app in a must. Several manufactures appear to offer these app controls.

Question: #1 Since my primary music source is Internet wireless streaming, what is the best digital audio receiver under $1,000, with pre-amp outputs, to match with the ML Purity? #2 What is the best digital audio cabling, at a reasonable price, to connect the receiver to the speakers?