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I need help on deciding which rears I should use with my cinema i center and vantage speakers....I already have the scripts (not i's) for rears on my wall already..I'm happy with them...but I wanted to see if anyone else has used the clarity's for rears and if it would make a difference if stuck to the scripts or if I went to the claritys...also, need help deciding on what rear center to use..I have a couple of choices to complete my 6.1 system...

1:Scripts (not i's) for rears and fresco for rear center....
2:Claritys for rears and fresco for rear center....
3:Scripts for rears and one of the in wall ML in wall speakers for rear center...
4:Claritys for rears and one of the ML in wall speakers for rear center...

I have to figure this out by Thurs...the latest by fri...because I dont want my bro to sell his claritys or fresco to someone else....All the feedback and responses are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


The new Script i is a Clarity without the NAC for the most part.

The Clarity would be fine in the back or on the sides. The Fresco is a perfect choice for a rear speaker. The Fresco can be moved around to find the perfect spot, whereas the in-wall isn't.

The Fresco sounds better than the in-wall as well. The Voyage is a great in-wall but the Fresco sounds better in most applications.


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Jan 17, 2005
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In my opinion you will not hear any benefit from three speakers across the back. The clarities are excellent at centering their sound so a pair of them in the rear should do just fine.


So you guys think I should use the claritys as my rears and the fresco as my rear center?...Do you think I would hear a difference between my scripts (not i's) and claritys?