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Big Dog RJ

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Apr 3, 2022
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You sir, had a serious power issue. This looks like a power surge, a bad amplifier doesn't usually cause damage like this.

If you're going to repair these you need both the ESL power supply and the crossover. The crossover components can be replaced and Martin Logan should be able to provide you with a diagram for everything including the power supply. The power supply parts can likely be purchased from an electronics parts supplier.

Before you go any farther you need to check the ESL panels and woofers to make sure they're not fried. The woofers can be checked with a volt meter but I'm not sure how the panels should measure. Don't purchase anything until you verify the speaker components are still good.
Roger that! Definitely a power surge, without a doubt. I'm just wondering though, if this was on his house electrical grid, this surge should have also hit other electrical appliances powered on at the same time... fridge, microwave, kettle etc. That is why it's very important to include separate circuit breakers (CB's) on each of the dedicated AC meant for the audio system.
In addition to a dedicated line with a separate CB, I'm also using a servo controlled system which scans for lighting strikes and brown-outs, so in the likely event, the CB will trip safely, protecting our previous audio gear.

The other night, some drunk idiot hit a power pole about 5 miles away. That dam accident caused a power surge in the whole neighbourhood! Lucky, I wasn't at home but both CB's had tripped, including other appliances had shut down. Either it's some drunk idiot driving at high speeds out of control, or it's some silly young girl either texting or putting on make-up whiles driving... and bang!!! She hits a light pole! Go figure!

Hopefully, you'll get your Requests working soon and up to spec.
Be safe all, cheers