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Dec 6, 2020
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I’m thinking about getting the ML Motion Series for my home theater setup and would appreciate feedback on the proposed 7.2.4 setup:

LCR - 60xti, 50xti
Side surrounds - narrow room so has to be the in-wall motions
Rear surrounds - either in-wall or 4i
Elevation - 4i or 2i
Subs - undecided here, but considering the PSA S1512

powered by a marantz av7706 and emotiva am

was hoping to get feedback on a few concerns:

the LCR will be behind an acoustically transparent screen but within a foot from the rear walls and within a foot to the side walls for the LR. Given the rear port, would this be an issue? Does the presence of the sub mitigate the issue?

I am going to be building the fake wall to hold the screen and house the speakers - so I can customize the size and acoustic treatments as necessary

side surrounds - these would be going between two town of seating. Heard but-polar would be best for this purpose but have not found any ML bi-polar options. Any suggestions?

4i vs 2i for the elevation - these would be hanging from an 8ft ceiling so smaller is better for aesthetics but willing to compromise looks for performance if it’s meaningfully different. Is the 4i that much better?

any general thoughts and/or alternatives on speakers/equipment would be welcome too

Thanks all!