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Can somebody help me with the subwoofer setup with my ML Summits.
I have a hometheater with Summits for the front right and left, cinema for the center and Fresco for the surrounds. Intially I thought I would not need a subwoofer given the built in subs in the Summits. Now I got a Grotto home to try. It is connected to LFE from the amp to the LFE input in the sub.
Here is my question:
Should I disable the subwoofer crossover and use the amp crossover (B and K 50 S2)?
What cross over setting should I use, Summits are suppposed to go down to 24H +/- 3db?
Currently I set the amp crossover at 75 and turned the subwoofer crossover to the max. I do not hear much coming from the subwoofer itself.