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For Sale Martin Logan Electromotion ESL C Centre Speaker UK

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Jan 14, 2021
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Due to an upgrade I am selling my used Electromotion ESL C Centre speaker, which is in excellent condition and includes the transformer and all the original packaging. Plus I will throw in the stand as shown in the photo. No marks or scratches.

Used in a dedicated cinema room, about 18 months old. Purchased new from a ML dealer in Bedfordshire UK.

if you are in the market for one of these amazing centre speakers, you’ll be familiar with all the specs and know that they fetch £2.5k new and don’t come up used very often so grab yourself a good deal.

I prefer that the buyer collects from me in Derbyshire, so it can be demoed and shown to be in full working order, plus it’s a big thing to ship! If you would like a quote for shipping with a courier please just ask.

I am asking for £1,450 Collected with stand.

This is my first time selling on here, but please go and check out my profile (maxbrooker) on AVForums as I have sold several items on there and have positive feedback. I do plan to advertise on there too In due course.

Any questions please ask.


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