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Jan 1, 2021
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I have a pair of Ascents and the panel on one stopped working. I’ve determined the panels are both good by switching. I’ve taken the back part of the speaker off and have access to the power panel. I am not sure what to test and I know if I call Martin Logan they will tell me to replace the whole thing.
Can anyone kindly offer advice as to what to test and what the issue usually is so I can begin by replacing that component first ?
I bumped the speaker hard once when moving it and the sound came back for a while so I’ve checked all connections and they look good.


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Dec 23, 2017
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Clearwater Florida USA
Wow, that is a VERY trough one to troubleshoot. Bumping it and having it come back on tells me that since all your wires are connected firmly you might have a bad solder joint on a pin somewhere. I'm assuming that there are miniature surface mount devices on the circuit board and that is tricky soldering for a layman. Sorry to hear that it seems like a tough repair job. Double check all your wiring connections by wiggling and pulling on the wires, if anything happens you will have found a bad connection or solder joint. That would be easy to fix as your not going to the board level components. Good Luck!