Liquid Shielding and Active Shielding

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Mar 6, 2005
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Any comments on Liquid Shielding and Active Shielding?

I've not heard either, have you?

I've heard of "active" not of "liquid".

This just in from The Cable Company (, perked my interest.

> Purist Audio Design's Anniversary Cables

> Purist Audio Design has been one of the most innovative and creative cable manufacturers since its beginnings in 1986. Jim Aud, the developer of all of the various cables at Purist Audio, has utilized his scientific background to optimize every aspect of his audio ( and video) cable's performance. Purist Audio Design uses conductor materials and material treatment techniques that are at the cutting edge of this industry.
> In celebration of the 20 year milestone that Purist Audio has been "creating magic thru the science of sound", Purist has announced the culmination of 4 years of research and design work resulting in the creation of their new state-of-the-art "Purist Anniversary," and more affordable "Aqueous Anniversary " cables. What makes these cables unique is the use of a proprietary material called "Contego," which is a combination of both liquid shielding and Ferox shielding, resulting in a cable with an incredibly smooth and seductive midrange, but with plenty of detail and extension at the frequency extremes. Both the Purist Anniversary and the Aqueous Anniversary cable lines have interconnects and speaker cables available now with power cords slated for release later in 2006.
> While the new topline Purist Anniversary cables are for those music lovers that desire and can afford the very best, the Anniversary Aqueous cables are surprisingly affordable, considering the level of performance they provide - rivaling the Venustas and even Dominus products in some systems! In fact, the online magazine Positive Feedback has already awarded these cables their "Writers Choice Awards" for 2005 .
> The bar has been raised and the gauntlet has been thrown - it's time to compare these incredible new cables to whatever cables you are using now and the Cable Library is the one place that allows you to do just that!
> Synergistic Research has developed a line of four models of Active Shielded speaker cables which are voiced specifically for B&W speakers. Officially released at CES last week, The Cable Company has already received the first production versions of these new cables for the Cable Library.
Call the plumber my cables are leaking. :D


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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Liquid and Active Cable Shielding...


National Simi-conductor has an article regarding the importance of shielding:

The article, as you see, talks about the importance of shielding copper wire.

I found another article discussing the benifits of super cooling (simi-conductor style) to improve conductivity / transmission of signal.

I know super-conductor companies have been working on improving signal transmission for years. I have heard of "Active" shielding, but I have never heard of "liquid" shielding other than in a super-conductor referrence as in the above article. It sounds cutting edge and must be extremely expensive, I'll bet... :)

Thanks for posting this it is interesting stuff... ;)