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After many years of living with large, noticeable speckers in our living room (B&W 802-S3 & HTM in front and B&W 805 at rear), my wife has decided that henceforth, our living room will be a "large ugly box-free zone". It's seems so much easier to change the speakers (rather than the wife), so I've decided to go along.

In any case, while I'm replacing speakers, I might as well move up to a 7.1 configuration. I'm thinking about installing 7 Passage speakers and a Descent sub. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the room, the surround speakers can not be in-wall. So, can the Passage be mounted in the ceiling (and, knowing that it's subjective, any opinions on whether or not it will look okay)?

Finally, I see very little discussion about the Voyage/Passage/Ticket. Can anyone out there who has them provide some commentary on the good/bad/ugly of owning them? There's such a large price differential - I'm wondering if the sound is *that* much different. Any thoughts on whether I should use Voyage in the front and Passage elsewhere (or Passage in front and Ticket elsewhere, or some other combination).

Thanks in advance.

[Edit - one more question]
Any thoughts on driving these speakers with a pair of Procced AMP5s (125wpc into 8ohms, 250wpc into 4 ohms)?
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