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Jan 17, 2005
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East Meadow, Long Island
I have a few extra copies of this so i'll mail em to the first five members that PM me with their addresses (us Only).

You can get 11 different discs with a little work over at the AVS forums.

Disc 5
Summary: Great All-In-One Demo Disk – A little of everything!!
Author: Bclews

• Explosions:
o Master and Commander
o Behind Enemy Lines
o Independence Day
o National Treasure
o U-571,
o Swordfish
o XXX: State of the Union.

• LFE:
o Ice Age
o The Incredibles
o Flight of the Phoenix
o The Matrix
o Behind Enemy Lines
o Lost in Space,
o Open Range.

• Surround Sound:
o The Incredibles
o Master and Commander,
o Star Wars Pod Race
o Saving Private Ryan
o Open Range
o Gladiator
o CastAway.

• Tidbits:
o Alison Krauss
o Boz Scaggs
o WOW! Featurette
o The Notebook (Trailer)
o Seven Seasons.