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Jan 17, 2005
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East Meadow, Long Island
First of all, a big thanks to Swithey over at AVS forums and to the authors of these discs for a great job.

This round will feature two discs from the following buffet. Please PM your address even if you have previously been sent as the mailbox is small. If you want all of these they are available at with a search and some work.
My personal favorites are 1,5,9.


HT Demo Discs
Disc 1
Summary: Surround Sound Demonstration
Author: Clarence

Finding Nemo
Star Wars: E2
Eric Clapton
Monsters, Inc.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
U2: Go Home Live
The Lion King
The Hulk
For the Birds
O Brother, Where Art Thou
Matrix Reloaded
The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over
Toy Story 2
The Fifth Element
Knick Knack
Blue Man Group
Hollow Man
Top Gun
Shrek 2
Terminator 2
DVD Video Essentials

Disc 2
Summary: Low Frequency Effects (LFE) Demonstration
Author: Unknown

Apollo 13
Fight Club
Ice Age
Master and Commander
The Incredibles
Titan AE
Matrix Revolutions
Flight of the Phoenix
Saving Private Ryan
Fellowship of the Ring,
Attack of the Clones
Harry Potter-Sorcerer's Stone
Finding Nemo
Monsters, Inc.
Lost in Space,
Blackhawk Down
Jurassic Park
The Haunting
Pearl Harbor.

Disc 3
Summary: Dolby Digital, SDDS, THX Trailers and various clips
Author: Unknown

Dolby Digital Trailers
THX Trailers
DTS Trailers
SDDS Trailer
Vanilla Sky
American Beauty
15 Minutes
Star Wars Pod Race
Final Fantasy
Fantasia 2000
The Fast and the Furious
Behind Enemy Lines

Disc 4
Summary: Dolby Digital, SDDS, THX Trailers and various clips
Author: kweezr

Blue Crush
Open Range
Finding Nemo
Fight Club
Freddy vs. Jason
Flight of the Phoenix
The Hulk,
The Matrix
Team America
Sky Captain
The Incredibles
The Core
We Were Soldiers
Die Hard.

Disc 5
Summary: Great All-In-One Demo Disk – A little of everything!!
Author: Bclews

o Master and Commander
o Behind Enemy Lines
o Independence Day
o National Treasure
o U-571,
o Swordfish
o XXX: State of the Union.

o Ice Age
o The Incredibles
o Flight of the Phoenix
o The Matrix
o Behind Enemy Lines
o Lost in Space,
o Open Range.

Surround Sound:
o The Incredibles
o Master and Commander,
o Star Wars Pod Race
o Saving Private Ryan
o Open Range
o Gladiator
o CastAway.

o Alison Krauss
o Boz Scaggs
o WOW! Featurette
o The Notebook (Trailer)
o Seven Seasons.

Disc 6
Summary: DTS Demos
Author: kweezr

DTS logo
T2 THX logo
Chicken Run DTS ES
LOTR Two Towers DTS ES
Spiderman 2 superbit,
Flight of the Phoenix
Gladiator DTS ES
Patriot superbit
Apollo 13 1509kbps
Jurassic Park III superbit
The Haunting DTS ES
Minority Report
Man on Fire
Titan AE
Pearl Harbor
Diana Krall

Disc 7
Summary: Dolby Digital Demo
Author: Rheal_Dubreuil

Atlantis - The Lair of the Leviathan
Black Hawk Down - Irene
Blade 2 - Thirst Quenching
Cast Away - The Crash
Fast and Fuious - Enter the Eclips
o NOS Fest
o Race Against the Trian
The Fifth Element - Diva
Finding Nemo
o Sharks
o Darla!
o Hell Unleashed
o The Battle of Carthage
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - Whomping Willow
Harry Potter - Mountain Troll
Hulk - Desert Furry
Ice Age - A Squirrles Life
Italian Job
o Mini's enter Subway
o Drop the Target
o Mini's Exit Subway
Jurassic Park - T-Rexx
Jurassic Park The lost World - Mommy's Angry
o Ice Surfacing
o The Test Missile
Lilo & Stitch
o Stitch Escape
o Stitch Rescue
Lion King - Circle of Life
Lord of the Rings:
o FOTG - The Council of Elrond
o Balin' Tomb
o Trinity in a Jam 1
o Trinity in a Jam 2
o Lobby Shooting Spree
o Rooftop Rescue

Disc 8
Summary: Dolby Digital Demos
Author: Rheal_Dubreuil

Matrix Reloaded
o Biker Girl
o Trucks Amuck
Matrix Revolutions
- Breaching the Dome
- Urban Splash
Monsters, INC
o 23-19!
o HarryHausen's
o Back at the Apartment
The Mummy Returns - The Wall of Water
Pearly Harbor - First Strike
The Rock - Dangerous Do
Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach
Star Wars: Phantom Menace - Begin the Race
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Asteroid Chase
THX Planet
THX Robot
Tomb Raider - Kill Lara Croft
Toy Story 2
o Buzz's Mission
o Crossing the Road
The Transporter
o The Getaway
o A Force of One
o Dead in the water
o Depth Charged
o The Floating Target
o South Terminus Shootout
o Wolves at my Door
o The Council
X-Men 2 - Security Breach

Disc 9
Summary: DD Demos
Author: victor-eyd

Interstellar Action
Star Wars Ep 2: Clone War ground battle
Space Cowboys: Russian Satellite activates
Contact: Jody goes to Vega

Aliens and Androids
War of the Worlds: Aliens attack New Jersey mob and Tom Cruise
I Robot: Robots attack Will Smith on Freeway
MIB: K and J destroy flying saucer

Water World
o U571: Destroyer attempts to shell U571 out of the water
o Face/Off: Powerboat chase scene
o Godzilla: Approach on Manhattan

I can’t drive 55
o Speed: Bus getting on empty freeway
o 2 Fast & 2 Furious: Night Race in Miami
o The Island: Freeway Chase sequence

o Independence Day: New York gets leveled
o Star Wars – A New Hope (Ep 4) : Death Star targets Alderaan
o Sum of All Fears: Baltimore is nuked

Kung fu Action
o Kill Bill Vol1: Uma vs. Go-Go
o Charlie’s Angels
o Hero: Jet Li vs Donny Yen (courtyard scene)

Pixar Picks
o Incredibles: Mr. Incredible vs robot
o Toy Story 2: Flyby and Buzz takes on Zurgs robot army
o Monsters, Inc.: Chase through door warehouse

Disc 10
Summary: DD Demos
Author: victor-eyd

Starship Battles
o Star Trek: 1st Contact: Enterprise/Starfleet vs. Borg cube
o Starship Troopers: Battle over Planet P
o Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Ep 3): Battle over Coruscant

Fly the Friendly Skies
o Tomorrow Never Dies: 007 steals nuclear torpedoes at terrorist market
o Air Force One: F-14 fires missile at AF1
o The Aviator: Hughes tests/crashes protoype aircraft

Shoot 1st, Ask questions later
o Heat: Downtown Shootout
o Replacement Killers: Hitman takes on mob boss in alley
o Collateral: Tom Cruise takes out 2 thugs in alley

o Windtalkers: Assault on Iwo Jima
o Enemy at the Gates: Assault on Stalingrad River
o Pearl Harbor: Doolittle Raid over Tokyo

Comic Book Heroes
o Spiderman 2: Subway battle
o X-Men: Mutant battle in the train station
o Batman Begins: Enter the Batmobile

Cartoon! Cartoon!
o The Polar Express: Train pulls in
o Robots: Bigweld’s Domino sequence
o Shrek 2: Assault on the castle / ”I need a hero” sequence

Music Video
o 5th Element: Diva sequence
o Moulin Rouge: “Your song”
o Yellow Submarine: “Nowhere Man”