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Apr 24, 2021
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Hey all! I’m new here...please go easy on me

I want to set up a modest 5.1 system. Room is not great, but I am working with what I have.

I wanted to put a pair of EFX speakers as my front L & R. Will they sound ok if they are only 5’ or so apart from each other?
Dynamo 800X sub

For rears: Would you guys suggest a motion 6 or a motion 2?
And do I need a center channel? Or can I get away with using just the EFXs?
If I would benefit from a center, would a motion 6 work, or will it not blend?
Denon 5.1 to power it


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Jan 16, 2005
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Big Canoe, GA
Hi, first, yes, definitely get a center channel, as it's a critical element in a multichannel setup. The ESL C would do.

Then I'd mount the ESLX in front of a 4" thick absorber, as that panel would be way too close to a bare wall and it will have nasty, nasty comb-filtering. Plus, for multichannel, less reflected sound is a good thing. My entire front wall is covered in RealTraps MiniTraps HF.

For the rears, I'd recommend the Motion 15i. Mount them so the tweeters can be aimed at the ears of the seated listeners. So high enough they clear seat-backs.


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Dec 23, 2017
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Clearwater Florida USA
Well, having the room size would help, but here is some quick info. What Jonfo said for the center channel is true. You can get either the ESL C or the Motion 50. They are both very powerful center channels and will fill almost any room with big bold sound. The surrounds I think you might have been looking at were the Motion 4s? They would do very well in surround duty. They are not very expensive and you can put the volume to them all you want. They can take a beating and perform well. Martin Logan has made the entire Motion Series speakers so that will play loud all day long with ease. They will play loud enough to damage your hearing. So, ESL C or Motion 50 with Motion 4s will give you a very, very nice system. All of the speakers are very easy to drive as the sensitivity is up and your Denon will have no problem with them. Your neighbors will all be jealous! Good Luck and have fun!

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