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Sep 20, 2022
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Hi all,

Relatively new to ML ownership (only a year or so) but have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. I chanced on an old pair of Prodigy's and although not everyone's cup to tea, they are mine. The dual drivers and their effect really work well in my somewhat troublesome room.

I've been into electrostats for a while now, of course been through the Quad ringer and ultimately wanted something a little more reliable with better low end. This has led me to the Prodigy's.

Hence I've joined this site mainly for advice on how to go about repair/refurbishment.

I shall post my questions in the relevant thread.



Big Dog RJ

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Apr 3, 2022
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Nice one Chris!

The Prodigy's will definitely be a big improvement over Quads, without a doubt!
I've owned nearly every iteration of the Quad ESL, from their ESL63 all the way upto the 2912's. The 63's original made in the UK were great! Just a few issues in tropical climes...other than that not too shabby. Unlike the 2805, 2905's and 2912's that I had, absolute disaster! Made in China, absolute bad move by Quad that's now owned by a huge corporate called IAG. No clue about ESL's, other than production.

ML's are the best stats money can buy. Backed up by a solid company who really look after their customer base with worldwide service & tech support, very good value all round. Purchasing any ML stats is not just another speaker, it's an investment towards the enjoyment of pure music!

Cheers mate, and enjoy those fine tunes!
Woof! RJ