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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Over the past several weeks, I have noticed, greater numbers of guests visiting our excellent web-site... I know it's largely due to the fact that, Tom, has created / maintains such a wonderful web-site, and it is only natural for people to come... :D But then, I began thinking, what would be a condenced way of communicating to all of the hordes of hungery, first time, "Guests", a briefly summary of some of the very best advice and / or information, avialable on the ML Cub...

My recommendations / advice for guests to the 'ML Club' is as follows:

1). Guests should look at our "Member Systems", it's a great way to obtain good information about ML speakers and how they are set-up by the membership.

2). Guests should take, "Roberto's", advice and always, "Trust your ears".

3). Guests be aware that whenever possible, to audition all prospective audio equipment, in their HT, prior to perchasing any audio equipment.

4). Guests who are owners of ML speakers, currently experiencing technical problems such try to contact, Jim Powers at Martin Logan at:
Ph # (785) 749-0133 or, you can FAX Jim at: (785) 749-5320.

5). Guests can find excellent information, of how to maintain your ML speakers in the "Tweaks" section.

6). Guests - For the greatest discussion and recommendations of IC cables check out:

7). Guests - you should join our, ML Club, if at all possible, as active participating member ASAP... We would love to have you here... :D

What would the rest of the, ML Club membership, recommend to first time "Guests" to our ML Club?




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Mar 6, 2005
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Robin said:
What would the rest of the, ML Club membership, recommend to first time "Guests" to our ML Club?
How about stay away from the Quantum Vortex & Vortex Resonance thread? :D

Seriously, I think you have good suggestions that may save having the same threads over and over again.

Nice thoughts. :)

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