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Jan 3, 2005
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Modesto California
rkc said:
Here is what seems to be a fantastic deal on some Aeon I's in the Findlay, Oh. area. Might be worth looking into if anyone's interested. I am not affiliated with this seller whatsoever by the way.
I want to buy it...But how do I get in touch with the seller? I have no experience with Craiglist before. Thanks for all the help.



I Bought These Speakers

NO ITS NOT A SCAM, he is a real gentleman, to correct the record and thank you "rkc" for the lead. This poor gentleman is also suffering in somekind of sickness and has to undergo treatment that disabled him during, but our patient made us good friends in the progress and he is one of those rare gentleman that fortunately still exist in our today cruel world. Maybe that is an explanation of why some of your emails were not answered.

He was even willing to send the speakers before the payment and they are even better than new when I got them, they also have the polished wood trimming that I believe he did it afterward. Just beautiful speakers and I am thrilled owning these fine and well cared speakers.

Its the Aeon-I and just perfect, better than expected. Out of his kindness, he also send me a Motorola Bluetooth earphone as a kind gesture I guess that we then and now becomes good friends!

I used them as main w/ Scenario as surround in my Home office driven by old Adcom GFA555-II and Haffler 210 taking advantage of the pre on HK AVR-510 connected directly to my HP MultiMedia Computer using 8.1 Sorround accompanied by 42" 1080p LCD Screen for MM and 20" Sony for normal task. I use Bose sub and Audio Source w/ woofer built in amp for center to create better than theatre quality sound if I ran it using S-PDIF Output Sampling rate of 96KHz. I also have the old Sequel-II @ my Family room 5.1 w/ Sony ES setup that also magic; in some occasion my guess were puzzled when they hear that the sound seem to come from everywhere.

Yes, I am nuts about plannars; I have Acoustat Four in my bedroom and Bohlender Graebner Radia 520 in my Living ... but still compare to some of you, I am nothing to that extreme ... nevertheless ... yes my best pick still the ML's! So, enjoy them my friends ...