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Matten Logan

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Apr 21, 2006
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Donald Fagen
Morph the Cat
Release 2006
On Reprise
Pop/Rock/Jazz Fusion


At first I didnt know how to classify this album, but based on the drum beats and the bass lines its like a pop jazz kinda album. Most fans of Steely Dan will agree that its no wasy task to classify any Donald Fagen/Walter Becker recording because each song almost belongs in its own category. That aside,
I picked up a promotional release of this new album at the now deceseased Arons Records in L.A. (which is a great loss because I bought my first CD ever there, and Amoeba Music Killed them). I recomend the title song Morph The Cat (track 1) and Morph The Cat Reprise (track 9). These are a great test to see how well your speakers will handle deep, dynamic bass response, as the bass is thick and defined. My Vantages shocked me. I thought I knew what good bass was, and boy was I wrong. I could feel my gut rumble under the in your face bass line and elegantly simple drum beats. And to my suprise, no loss of definition, imaging, and the 400 HZ crossover in the Vantage is almost seamless. Check out the reprise (track 9) and you'll be treated to a less agressive bass and a jumpier drum line. I like track 9 because it offers a good demonstration of the liquid midriange that martin logans offer. The two minute guitar solo, well, yeah, its that good. A great CD you'll find is a must to demonstrate how great the bass on your speakers really is.
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