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Chuck Macondo

Hello Everybody
It is kind of ironic and sad that my first post has to do with a repair. I've been a happy ML owner for a while and been reading this amazing forum for several months now. The long and sad story can be summarized as follows: Took the plunge and bought a pair of Ascents i from authorized dealer(happy), speakers arrive (happier), one is damaged(sad and angry), bureaucratic mess(...), what to do?

Attached there are a couple of pics showing the damage, ML (Jeff Dearringer at Customer Service, great guy) says that I need a new cabinet. In order to minimize cost (part of the bureaucratic mess mentioned before) he suggests that I do the swap at home.

Now the questions:
Has anybody here seen this kind of damage before?
Is the cabinet changing maneuver an easy one?

Thank you for your comments



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Jan 1, 2005
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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident or whatever happened to cause all that. I had a pair of Aeons that developed a crack at the top of the cabinet rail as shown in one of your photos. It was apparently caused by over-torquing of a screw in that area (at the factory). Tweeter exchanged them for a new pair.

From the photos it looks like only a cabinet change will fix all that. I'm sure it isn't difficult. These speakers are designed to be rebuilt. It's a matter of removing and replacing all the components and it's easier than it sounds. ML should be able to provide you with detailed instructions including photos. They've done this before at least once.

If you can turn a wrench, use needlenose pliers, a screwdriver and follow instructions you can do this job. I doubt if any soldering is required. Cables are probably push on connectors. Just be careful not to overtorque anything upon reassembly. Label wire leads as you disconnect them.

If you come to a roadblock then call ML for technical assistance. Post here as a last resort. Let us know how it goes. You'll have a great speaker when it's all done and you will know more about Ascent i's then you ever thought you would. Sorry about your speaker but it sounds like a fun project to me.
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