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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan

In Peshawar yesterday huge man made devastation took place. A very large number of Muslims during prayer in mosque have been brutally murdered by RAW suicide bomber. A far greater number of Muslims have been crippled for life. At the time of detonation hundreds of innocent Pakistani’s were praying inside mosque. In Pakistan planting bombs began in year 2001. These incidents are examples of disgraceful cowardice. Because unaware and unarmed Muslims not given opportunity to defend themselves are horrendously murdered.

Our country has been ruined by those responsible for instituting regime change last year at the inflection point just when things beginning to look up for Pakistan. Bought and sold politicians tilted the balance ousting PTI democratically elected government. Nepotism helped in the formation of unelected government.

Under their governance rupee was and still is in the process of devaluation largely due to capital flight. High inflation is everywhere caused by devaluation of rupee, oil price increase and largely due to low interest rates over a long period of time to help GDP growth rate to continually increase by unchecked increase in money circulating in economy. Pakistan may end up in similar to Sri Lanka severe economic crisis. Hope this does not happen.

Those who require assistance think or worry mostly about how they will get their next meal. Because of lack of awareness low wages and high unrestrained inflation may happen that prior to public mandate unlettered population in Pakistan in exchange for food for children and themselves will be persuaded to vote for who ever gives them just enough material assistance to barely survive. And who has more ill-gotten wealth or wealth beyond means than the corrupt thieves in Pakistan.

USA president and politicians chant the mantra of democracy all the time and everywhere. They sing praises of democracy yet Americans made no effort to prevent ouster of democratically elected government led by Imran Khan. USA does have considerable clout.

Corrupt politicians unable to discern right from wrong ape or mimic by singing the virtues of democracy for worldly gain and to be in the good books of American politicians. These politicians do not know and perhaps do not care about the fact that Democracy functions best if most of voting population is not desperately in need of material assistance and not uneducated.

In Pakistan most unprivileged citizens blind to what benefits them in the long run. Exchange long term welfare of country for fulfillment of short term individual need. And the unscrupulous take advantage of the vulnerable. In the long run we are all dead so most live for short term gain. We should tax the rich, save more in order to avoid borrowing from IMF. Economic policy should help to move production possibility frontier outward making future generations comparatively rich and not poor.