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Feb 6, 2015
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I just heard "a veil was lifted" outside audio circles.

Let me set the stage....

A small market has a niche product at a reasonable price.

A larger company decides to mass produce a competing product that seems to in all ways be as good and possibly better in many areas.

So the smaller company regroups and goes upscale in price. To differentiate itself, it adds some new pieces no one ever knew they needed and some thick black anodized aluminum casing that looks really cool.

The first company's literature talks about how it is so much better and that it is like a veil has been lifted.

My BS detectors were immediately up all the way!

It looked they they were following the small audio company playbook to a tee.

In case it matters the product involved is a direct drive servo motor used to create Force Feedback while driving a car simulator.

What's ironic is that sim drivers like to feel lots of added detail in the FFB from the steering wheel to make up for the forces you don't feel. However some software companies have started trying to make their FFB more "realistic" which in many cases giving the driver less feedback which starts to eliminate the feeling these products are supposed to deliver. <sigh>
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