CPEC and government education reform.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan

Kudos to Chinese strategy creator for envisioning China Pakistan economic corridor. When compared to USA, China is not to the same extent technologically advanced and economic resources endowed. Chinese people and firms in this regard are improving, building human capital and becoming efficient by expending effort and gaining experience. China is our time tested friend. USA to the detriment of the welfare of the people of South Asian region is bringing about military arms race in the region. USA has never been Pakistan true friend and may never be Pakistan true friend. Both India and Pakistan are less developed states. Both have very low per capita income and ranked near the end in respect of Human Development Index. Politicians, though are extremely rich beyond means provided by their income.

Pakistan and India may ill afford to spend precious little tax revenues and borrowed funds on outrageously expensive American tools of death or harm to people of South Asia. From a moral perspective is criminal to sell and also to buy American weapons when both states are underdeveloped.

The majority of people of Pakistan and India need access to clean drinking water, inexpensive or affordable to the poor medical care, access to inexpensive nutritious food, clean apparel to wear, adequate housing or shelter, modern telecommunications network and a meaningful cutting edge inexpensive education to secure their future by economically or productively participating in the global economy. Commercial firms operating inside Pakistan need high caliber graduates, 24/7 inexpensive electricity, network of road and railway to allow their product to reach the harbor easily, without spoilage, on time and a larger harbor capacity to facilitate export shipment of cargo containers without having to wait for days or weeks prior to loading on cargo ship their goods. Tax funds and borrowed funds should be mostly earmarked for development in these areas. Not to buy or locally build General Dynamic interceptors.

This is where China makes an entrance. A Chinese military base situated in the province of Baluchistan is a idea worth examining closely. Chinese military presence may help to quash the insurrection therein and make possible harvesting of natural resources existing in Baluchistan. Second, prevent possible future military invasion by India or USA. Just look at the extent of harm USA along with other western states inflicted on Iraq under the false pretense that they have weapons of mass destruction. When all they wanted was profitable access to Iraq's petroleum resources. USA is a capitalist country and decisions are made to earn maximum profit for oneself. If in USA self interest entire moslem state get ruined then that is simply collateral damage to be brushed under the rug and not given any attention or further thought. Third, Chinese forces inside Pakistan may contribute towards improving the law and order situation in Pakistan.

A stable law and order environment is first required before development activities can flourish. White collar and blue collar workers need assurance that their lives will be protected when commuting to and from work. To help recuperate from office work through recreational activities workers and their family need to feel safe outside their homes. If dispute arises local courts have to be able to provide timely enforcement of economic contracts so that all participants to the contract get their explicitly agreed upon share of contractual consideration.

Chinese firms are constructing long lived energy producing capital assets in Pakistan. After completion these projects will fill the deficit caused by electricity production shortfall. At the same time provide less expensive electricity to the commercial industry. Cheaper electricity will help to lower business operating costs and make local Pakistan business more competitive and profitable. Easily available and inexpensive energy will help to bring back business that had relocated abroad due to electricity shortage and help start new commercial projects by allowing them to earn enough economic value to make them feasible. Addition by firms of strategic business units will lead to private sector human labor absorption lowering unemployment in Pakistan.

In final analysis to keep economic development from facing inadequate qualitative and quantitive workforce constraint and slowing down in the future more than a face lift is urgently required for the public education sector. In Pakistan only very few universities have the reputation to deliver potent academic tuition. For CPEC to be a complete success, in the long run, we need high caliber local university graduates who can effectively and efficiently manage tasks assigned to them while working on projects made possible by CPEC. Diversity in undergraduate and graduate academic programs will make possible diversity in goods and services produced that form GDP. Cutting edge inexpensive and easily absorbed education needs to begin in Grade 1 and keep proceeding or delivering until a Graduate degree is earned by the pupil.

In the long run, to ensure CPEC is most effective in developing Pakistan the need of the hour is to immediately start affordable to the lower middle class cutting edge primary, secondary and tertiary education program. I use the term cutting edge because this is what will be required if we wish our workforce and their future creations of goods and services to compete and sell in the global economy. This program will start providing greatest benefit after decade and a half in the shape of high caliber numerate and literate additions to the national workforce. Mid-term and final exam for pupil progress evaluation. Automatic promotion to next grade until grade six is reached. From class one to five teacher and pupil focus should only be on English language reading, grammar and comprehension, written and mental Arithmetic, physical education and art classes. Getting educated should be a fun process and not scar a pupil for life.
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