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hey now!

When I last talked to Jim Power, he gave me some good tips to help with cosmetic repairs of the black cabinets. I had some aeon i's that were shipped to me and got damaged where some of the black finish was ripped off and you could see the particle board exposed underneath.

He said any defects can be easily patched with drywall compound and sanded flat. Then, Ace Hardware sells a brand of spraypaint NOW! brand that has a color 'wrought iron black' that matches the ML finish very well. he said hold it about a foot from the surface to get the right texture. I would practice on a scrap board to check it out first.

Thought folks might like the tip.....


ps. any folks on this board do your own on location recording? I am always looking for any audiophile amatuer recordings to trade. (like on-stage Kimock setups etc...) I run neumann km140>sound device MP-2 preamp>Sony sbm-1(with the oade 24bit mod)->dat 16b 48khz, but am thinking of upgrading to the sounddevice 222 hard drive recorder to be able to do 24b 96kHz.-----prob needs to be a seperate thread, but didnt know if this was a dead subject on this board.


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May 22, 2005
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I believe the cabinets are painted with "Nextel"?? - not sure if you can still get it, and I also believe it is toxic!