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Dear All,

Have anyone here use computer for the music player (instead of DVD/CD player)? I am wondering about the sound quality itself whether it is better or worst since computer is pure digital as the artist intend it to deliver its message?

I am a computer freak myself and have played in this path for a while, one think I enjoy most is how convenient to play my favorite music (don't have to search /change discs as frequent) and how flexible it is to customized the different octave level to suite our preferred listening habit. For my listening pleasure I always play the .wav format (never and never will believe in MP3 format - rather not listen, it is so bad once a music is compressed in this format). I guess what I am trying to say is; for those that like to tweak the sound, boy ... you have zillion of controls ...

Any comments from others ??? ???


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Jan 11, 2005
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Tampa, FL
Many of us have already embraced PC-audio, streaming LOSSLESS files (FLAC, Apple lossless, or WAV) via Squeezebox, Roku, or Olive music servers, even Apple iPods, with or without outboard DAC's. The latest (and ? greatest) device to ship is the Slimdevices Transporter.