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Robert D

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Jul 21, 2020
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Anyone ever have a problem when playing files from a USB flash drive? The symptom is that the music will skip, sounds like how music would skip on a CD. Brings back memories of early players and going over a big bump in the road. It happens rarely. Only a couple days each month. It happened yesterday.

I bought the car new in 2017 and it didn't start happening until this year.

I wonder, can flash drives go bad? It's plugged into the dash all day everyday and it can get hot in the car. I've been using the same drive the last 4 years. Trying to figure out if the problem is in the car's stereo or the drive.

I've not tried a new flash drive yet. Could I copy the old drive onto a new one, or could the data possibly be corrupted now on the original drive? I'm a bit lazy and it would be faster to just copy the drive rather than pick out the songs again from my hard drive. I can rewind the song and play right through where it skipped earlier.

I've never heard of a flash drive going bad. I'd like advice on that.